Warranty and Registration | American Standard® (2024)

If something unexpected happens with your system, our warranty ensures that you won’t have to pay for parts that are covered.
Explore the benefits of one of the strongest limited warranties on parts available.

Your warranty options

The kind of warranty you’ll get with your new American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning system depends on when you register your product after it’s installed.
Learn more about your warranty options and how they work to protect your system.

Base Limited Warranty

If a part on your unit fails due to manufacturer defect, Base Limited Warranty ensures you can get a replacement at no cost to you. This warranty typically lasts five years and covers units that aren't registered or were registered more than 60 days after their installation. It doesn't cover labor costs and length of coverage could change depending on the product.

Outdoor Units Warranty (ACs & Heat Pumps)
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Furnaces Warranty
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Ductless Systems Warranty
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Air Handlers Warranty
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Packaged Units Warranty
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Coils Warranty
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Registered Limited Warranty

Registered Limited Warranty can extend your warranty coverage to 10 years if your product is registered within 60 days of installation. Like Base Limited Warranty, it covers the cost of parts that might fail due to manufacturer defect, but not the labor to repair them. The length of coverage could change depending on the product.

Outdoor Units Warranty (ACs & Heat Pumps)
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Furnaces Warranty
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Ductless Systems Warranty
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Air Handlers Warranty
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Packaged Units Warranty
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Coils Warranty
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Optional Extended Warranty

If you want a warranty that covers parts and labor, consider purchasing an Optional Extended Warranty. This warranty ensures you can replace parts that fail because of manufacturer defect at no cost to you. Whether it covers labor depends on which Optional Warranty you buy. Get in touch with your dealer to learn more about your options.

Contact your local dealerWarranty and Registration | American Standard® (1)

Warranty and Registration | American Standard® (2)

Is your warranty transferable?

Selling your home can be stressful, but transferring your Registered Limited Warranty to the new owner doesn’t have to be another headache. To make a successful transfer, all you need to do is pay the one-time $99 transfer fee with a credit card, and make sure the process is completed within 90 days of your home’s purchase. Learn if your system is eligible for transfer to a new homeowner.

  • Registered before Aug. 1, 2011

    Not Transferable: Unfortunately, warranty transfers became available with American Standard on Aug. 1, 2011. Therefore, any unit registered before that date can't be transferred.

  • Registered after Aug. 1, 2011

    Transferable: On Aug. 1, 2011, warranty transfers became available with American Standard. Therefore, if your unit was registered on or after that date, it can be transferred.

Warranty and Registration | American Standard® (3)

What happens when you make a claim

It’s your dealer’s job to submit a claim and complete the repair if a covered part fails in your system — all you need to do is alert them of the problem. Here’s how the repair process works, from start to finish:

  1. If you notice a problem with a covered part in your system, the first step to repair is contacting your local dealer.
  2. Your dealer will diagnose the problem and contact a parts supplier on your behalf if the repair requires a replacement.
  3. Your dealer will submit a formal claim on your behalf to the parts supplier, which will then provide your dealer with the part they need to fix your system.
  4. Your dealer will complete the repair, and you’ll pay the dealer. If you have a Base Limited or Registered Limited Warranty, the cost of the part is covered — you’re just responsible for the cost of labor and shipping. If you have an Optional Extended Warranty, costs vary.
Get started with your local dealer

Registering a New Product:

Yes! If our online system isn’t working for you, contact our Warranty Registration Center at 1-855-260-2975 or product.registration@concentrix.com for help.

Yes! Dealers often register products on behalf of their customers following installation. Once your dealer registers your product, they should provide you with a printed version of your warranty certificate. Still, you shouldn't assume your dealer will register your product for them. Always speak with them about registration requirements, especially because Registered Limited Warranty is only available to products registered within 60 days of installation.

Your system will automatically get a Base Limited Warranty, which covers the costs of replacing a part that fails due to manufacturer defect. It usually lasts five years, but can vary depending on which product you purchased.

The biggest difference is length of coverage. Base Limited Warranty typically covers your system for five years, while Registered Limited Warranty typically lasts for 10 years. Both warranties only cover parts that fail due to manufacturer defect. If you want your product to carry the longer Registered Limited Warranty, you need to register it within 60 days of its installation. If you register your product after 60 days, it will automatically get a Base Limited Warranty.

If you want your product to carry Registered Limited Warranty, make sure you or your dealer registers your product within 60 days of its installation.

Your serial number is listed on the product itself or on your invoice. You can also contact our warranty specialists at 1-855-260-2975 or product.registration@concentrix.com for assistance.

Double-check that you've entered your serial number correctly. Some systems have different serial number variations that can be tough to detect. For instance, if you’re trying to register a new ductless system, the serial number is followed by a “-” (dash) and then the model number (example: 5001234T-MSZ-GE25VA-E1).

Absolutely! You can use your model number to register special products like thermostats. Our online system will ask you for the exact information it needs to successfully register your product.

If you decide to register your products, you’ll need to register each individual product that's part of your HVAC system. Our online system lets you add multiple products. Your invoice will also include a list of all your new system components and the serial number you’ll need for registration. If you need help, feel free to contact our warranty specialists at 1-855-260-2975 or product.registration@concentrix.com.

You or your dealer will first need to register your product for free on the American Standard site. Enroll it in either Base Limited Warranty or Registered Limited Warranty, depending on when your product was installed (within 60 days or after 60 days). From there, you’ll contact your dealer to ask about purchasing an Optional Extended Warranty to add more coverage on your product.

Unfortunately, you can’t. You’ll have to complete the registration process in one sitting. Gathering all the information you need for registration ahead of time can make the process go much faster. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your home address and phone number
  • The address where your equipment was installed. (This may be the same as your home address.)
  • Your dealer’s name
  • The serial number(s) of the product(s) installed at your address
  • The date of installation

Warranty Search:

Absolutely! If you’re experiencing trouble with our online system, or would just prefer to talk to someone on the phone instead, please call our Warranty specialists at 1-855-260-2975.

No! One of the best parts about our warranty search is that you can enter your last name and the serial number of just one product to access the warranty policies of all your products registered at that time. But, you will need to start a new search for products registered at different times.

We ask you to enter your last name so you can access additional information about your warranty. However, we never require you to enter information you're not comfortable sharing. If you don’t want to enter your last name, you'll just receive a more restricted warranty report by entering in only your product serial number.

Our Limited Warranty policy has changed into two policies: Base Limited Warranty and Registered Limited Warranty. To find out how your product was impacted utilize our warranty lookup feature for your specific product. Otherwise, call our Warranty Specialists at 1-855-260-2975, or email product.registration@concentrix.com.

Type in your last name* and your product’s serial number.
Press “Search”.
And that’s it — you’ll have your warranty certificate! If you experience any issues with the process, please call our Warranty Specialists at 1-855-2 60-2975 or email product.registration@concentrix.com for help.

We’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble finding your warranty! We suggest you try entering a different serial number for a different product registered at the same time, in order to access warranty information for all products. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact our Warranty Specialists at 1-855-260-2975 or email product.registration@concentrix.com.

Yes! In most cases, your dealer will register your product for you, but you can always access the information you need. Simply enter your product serial number and your last name to access your full warranty policy.

If a part breaks for any reason other than manufacturer defect (please reference the limited warranty document shipped with your equipment for specific limited warranty details), it’s unfortunately not covered under a warranty. Additionally, the cost of labor isn’t covered under Base Limited or Registered Limited Warranty, but might be covered under your Optional Extended Warranty.

Warranty Transfer:

Limited warranties are linked with a particular serial number and do not “travel” with the homeowner. If you sell your home, you cannot transfer your warranty to your new residence.

Deciding to transfer your warranty to a new homeowner is a great way to attract buyers to your home if you’re planning to put it up for sale. When you transfer your warranty, it retains its original limited warranty term period. That means the new homeowner gets to keep the remaining term of the unit’s warranty.

For example, let’s say your gas furnace comes with a 10-year Registered Limited Warranty. After five years, you decide to sell your home and transfer your warranty to a new buyer. That new buyer inherits the remaining five years on the warranty.

Reach out to our Warranty Registration Center at 1-855-260-2975. You'll get answers to your transfer questions and help getting the process started.

Yes, there is. You’ll have 90 days after selling your home to transfer your Registered Limited Warranty to a new homeowner.

Whatever remaining portion of the Base Limited Warranty will be automatically available to the new homeowner if you don’t transfer the Registered Limited Warranty within 90 days of the home sale.

The warranty transfer fee is a one-time $99 fee you have to pay to successfully transfer your Registered Limited Warranty. You can only pay the fee by credit card. Base Limited Warranties stay with the product, so they don’t need to be transferred between homeowners. In that case, a transfer fee isn’t required. Optional Extended Warranties are transferred via third parties and also may not require a transfer fee.

Warranty and Registration | American Standard® (2024)


How do I claim an American Standard warranty? ›

You can reach American Standard's Warranty Specialists at 1-855-260-2975 or visit our Warranty & Registration page for more details. How do I get support for my American Standard Smart Thermostat or American Standard Home Account? Resources and support material can be found on the American Standard Home Support Center.

How do I check my HVAC warranty? ›

The easiest way to double-check this is to head over to the manufacturer's website and input the serial number for your unit. The information should pop right up. If it doesn't, you may also have accidentally voided the warranty if you failed to register your machine when you had it installed.

How do I reset my American Standard HVAC system? ›

Solution: First, turn off your HVAC system, then locate your home's circuits and fuse box. Reset the system by flipping the switch off and back on.

How long is the American Standard air conditioner warranty? ›

Base Limited Warranty typically covers your system for five years, while Registered Limited Warranty typically lasts for 10 years. Both warranties only cover parts that fail due to manufacturer defect.

How do I claim warranty without receipt? ›

If you had purchased your product from an authorized retailer, please get in touch with the store for a copy of your receipt. You may also provide a credit card statement if it itemizes the product, store name and date of purchase.

What do I need to claim warranty? ›

When you make a claim, you'll usually need:
  1. proof of purchase - usually a receipt showing where and when you bought the goods.
  2. details of what the problem is.
  3. a photocopy of the warranty or guarantee.

What happens if you don't register your warranty? ›

The answer to this question largely depends on the product and the manufacturer. Some products require you to register to take advantage of the warranty. In those situations, if you do not register your product or warranty you could be missing out on important coverage and support.

What voids a HVAC warranty? ›

Warranties, whether limited or extended, are provided by equipment manufacturers to give buyers confidence that their equipment is reliable and that they stand behind their product if it fails. But homeowners can easily void warranties by installing cheap parts or forgetting to do proper maintenance.

How does an HVAC warranty work? ›

An HVAC manufacturer warranty is an agreement that the manufacturer of a product will cover any necessary repairs and replacements within a specific period of time. Most manufacturer warranties cover defective parts for up to 10 years, but will not extend to labor or installation costs.

How long does American Standard HVAC last? ›

A/C: 12-15 years.

How long does an American Standard HVAC system last? ›

Many reviewers feel the limited additional noise you get from an American Standard heating or cooling system is an acceptable trade-off because its products require fewer repairs than those of some competitors. In fact, when properly maintained, American Standard systems can last as long as 25 years.

Does American Standard AC have a reset button? ›

A power surge or a tripped breaker may cause your American Standard air conditioner to turn off. Check relevant switches on indoor and outdoor units, or press the reset button near the power cord for at least five seconds.

How do I contact American Standard warranty? ›

Please call us toll-free at 855-815-0004 Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST. A Consumer Connection Advisor will assist you.

How to get a replacement under warranty? ›

If you have a problem with a product contact the seller. If the seller doesn't resolve the problem, write to the manufacturer. The warranty should list the manufacturer's address.

How do I replace my product under warranty? ›

Contact the seller, then the manufacturer. Sometimes, a seller will provide an additional warranty. You can contact the retailer to see if it covers your issue. If it doesn't, contact the manufacturer.

Do I need a warranty card to claim warranty? ›

In order to be able to make a claim under a written warranty, the manufacturer may require consumers to register the product by filling in and returning a warranty card. However, a manufacturer cannot always deny a claim because the product was not registered.


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