Version 0.8.4-alpha - Radical Cobblemon Trainers (2024)

Version 0.8.4-alpha - Radical Cobblemon Trainers (1)


Over 700 unique and challenging trainers, from the Pokemon rom hack Radical Red (v3.02), that will spawn naturally in your world.

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Version 0.8.4-alpha


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[0.8.4-alpha] - 2024-06-10


  • Server Config logSpawning: Debugging option to log information about trainer (de)spawning (disabled by default)
  • Server Config options biomeTagBlackList and biomeTagWhitelist as global options for all trainers (in addition to the tags defined per trainer (group) with data packs)


  • Trainers spawning causing a crash with c2me on fabric

[0.8.3-alpha] - 2024-06-03


  • Trainers on cooldown not beeing counted towards a palyers spawn cap

[0.8.2-alpha] - 2024-05-31


  • Trainer types RIVAL and TRAINER


  • Advancements have been reworked, some have been removed, some have been added, some have changed. Advancements will be granted again if a player repeats an action (e.g. beats a previous Leader again). They can also be granted manually with the vanilla advancement command.
  • Decreased minimum despawn distance (now equal to spawning config minHorizontalDistanceToPlayers which is 30 by default)
  • Trainers that cannot battle anymore now don't count towards a players spawn cap (they still count towards the global spawn cap)


  • "Wrong way to battle" advancement beeing granted for any npc
  • Advancements not beeing granted

[0.8.1-alpha] - 2024-05-29


  • Reeneblad temporarily replaced switching moves (like uturn)
  • Update to Cobblemon 1.5.2 and CobblemonTrainers 1.1.7

[0.8.0-alpha] - 2024-05-29


  • 84 new (endgame) trainers, which brings the total number up to 740
  • Command: player get defeats <trainerId> [<player>]
  • Command: player set defeats <trainerId> [<players>] <value>
  • Command: trainer get reward_level_cap <trainerId>
  • Command: trainer get type <trainerId>
  • Item: Trainer Card (open player stats gui with right click, can be crafted)


  • Beating a champ now grants a level cap of 100
  • Buffed weaker versions of key trainers (elite 4/champs)
  • Command: Renamed former player get defeats ... to player get type_defeats <type> [<player>]
  • Decreased battle cooldown from 2000 to 600 ticks
  • Increased spawn cap per player from 3 to 4, decreased spawn interval from 3600 to 2400 ticks and decreased despawn delay from 24000 to 5000 ticks, in short higher spawn rates by default (changed default values will not be applied to existing configs)
  • Removed battle restrictions for some trainers
  • Spawn rates increased for key trainers not beaten by players (the closer a player gets to the level cap the higher the chance to spawn)
  • Trainer id system (now with proper unique ids). Saved data from previous versions will automatically migrate to the new system. Important notes for migration: Any trainers or trainer related data that has been modified with a data- or resource pack must be migrated manually (groups stay the same) by changing the file names to the new ids. Any (command block) commands that refer to trainers by their old ids must be migrated manually by changing the commands to use the new ids. Any trainer npcs from a previous version will have an invalid id, you can let them either despawn, get rid of them otherwise or change the TrainerId tag manually using the data command. A list of all id changes can be found in the documentation.


  • Many missing team members with different forms (e.g. 'alola')
  • Potential log spam for mobs with an invalid trainer id
  • Some missing ivs/evs, moves, abilities, etc. for most of the trainers


  • Command: player set defeats <type> [<players>]

[0.7.4-alpha] - 2024-05-19


  • Temporarily replaced switching moves with alternatives (since they cause a crash with Cobblemon 1.5.0 + CobblemonTrainers when switched pokemon get send back out again): uturn -> bugbite, voltswitch -> spark, flipturn -> bubble, teleport -> amnesia, partingshot -> amnesia, batonpass -> amnesia

[0.7.3-alpha] - 2024-05-16


  • Config option maxTrainersTotalValue setting a different config value maxLevelDiff
  • Missing config option maxTrainersTotal (this time actually)
  • Wrongly named config options: Removed "Value" suffixes. Old config values with wrong names will be reverted to their default values with the changed name. Either remove the "Value" suffixes manually before updating or adjust the configs afterwards (if any changes where made).

[0.7.2-alpha] - 2024-05-13


  • Incompatibility with some optimization mods on fabric in ssp (e.g. Sodium)

[0.7.1-alpha] - 2024-05-13


  • Trainers not responding after a battle win

[0.7.0-alpha] - 2024-05-12


  • Support for Cobblemon 1.5.0

[0.6.0-alpha] - 2024-05-11


  • Client configuration located at config/rctmod-client.toml. Options: showTrainerTypeSymbols = false, showTrainerTypeColors = true
  • Server config option maxOverLevelCap: Trainers will refuse to battle players that have pokemon in their party with a level greater than the set value + the level cap of the player (default 0)


  • Small adjustments to trainer mob ai: They'll now eventually stop wandering when close to players
  • Trainer names are now colored based of their trainer type, i.e. LEADER: green, E4: light purple, CHAMP: golden, TEAM_ROCKET: dark gray, others: white (optional symbols that are appended to the trainer names can be enabled in the client config)
  • Trainer names are now shown emphasized to players that never have beaten them


  • Issue with data packs not beeing correctly synced to players that entered servers without ever having entered a singleplayer world before
  • Trainers getting softlocked in battles if player logs out or dies (now counts as trainer win)

[0.5.4-alpha] - 2024-05-06


  • Increased reward level cap of Leader Erika from 47 to 50 (fixes softlock at Leader Giovanni)
  • Minor buff to team of Leader Giovanni


  • trainer get required_level_cap command returning reward level cap instead

[0.5.3-alpha] - 2024-05-05


  • Trainer responses kicking players from servers in online-mode

[0.5.2-alpha] - 2024-05-04


  • API: added RCTMod.makeBattle (battles are now started from code instead of by invoking the trainers makebattle command)


  • API: deprecated ChatUtils.makebattle


  • Trainers refusing to battle in case of issues with configurations from CobblemonTrainers

[0.5.1-alpha] - 2024-05-01


  • New chat context 'missing_pokemon' -> player has no pokemon capable of fighting in his team


  • Renamed trainer mobs spawnChance property to spawnWeightFactor


  • Trainers counting battles if right clicked without a team (or all pokemon defeated)
  • Trainers mobs sometimes not stopping movement at the start of a battle
  • globalSpawnChance config options not having any effect (changed default from 0.25 to 1.0, the config value from existing configs will not be changed)

[0.5.0-alpha] - 2024-04-26


  • Advancements
  • Base trainer set (~650 trainers)
  • Battle requirements (e.g. level cap or badges)
  • Battle rewards (defined by loot tables)
  • Custom commands
  • Data pack: Loot table condition level_range
  • Data pack: advancement criteria defeat_count
  • Data/Resource pack support (textures, trainers, mobs, loot_tables, advancements, dialogs)
  • Level cap system (increase by defeating gym leaders)
  • Trainer dialog system (different responses based of their situation)
  • Trainer spawning system (different trainer types spawn in different biomes + only trainers matching a players strength will spawn in their vicinity)


Version 0.8.4-alpha - Radical Cobblemon Trainers (2)CobblemonTrainersrequired

Version 0.8.4-alpha - Radical Cobblemon Trainers (3)Cobblemonrequired


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