PC Client Download | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)

【PC Version Official Launch】

The PC version will be available for download today!

Download here
🔗: https://t.co/lRit9JRHaI

*Servers, data, and game content are synced between PC and mobile. You may experience it after maintenance ends today!#NIKKE pic.twitter.com/Jnxly8IDcN

— GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (@NIKKE_en) February 15, 2023


1. Installation folder only 1gb, where is the rest of the data located?

C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\LocalLow
(check the “show hidden folders option” if you don’t have that enabled)

there’s 3 folders
Unity > com_proximabeta_NIKKE

All these should contain the 5GB data you’ve downloaded during installation (First log-in on the game)

2. How do I have downloaded contents (from actual game first launch) Not in Main drive? I don’t have enough space for it.

Use Nikke Toolbox, select “Relocate Nikke” (with your keyboard arrow keys), and wait for it to finish. Download here:https://github.com/Mokou/nikke-toolbox/releases/latest

Alternatively, you can follow the manual steps in the next Section

Manual Instructions: (If you have downloaded the tool above and did said instructions, ignore this part, this part is only if you don’t want to install said program for any safety concerns)
0) Make sure Nikke and it’s launcher are closed. Check the task tray for Rapi’s face and make sure the launcher is fully closed.
1) Open File Explorer and type this into it’s address bar: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow
2) Move the folder named com_proximabeta to your desired location.
3) Navigate to the Unity folder within the same location ( %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Unity ) and move that folder as well.
4) Open Command Prompt, not PowerShell, as admin. To do so go to your Start Menu, search for cmd.exe, then right click it and select “Run as administrator”.
5) Run the following commands making sure to replace (target) with the new path of each folder you just copied. Make sure to enclose the paths in “quotes”.

MKLINK /D “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\com_proximabeta” “(target)”

MKLINK /D “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\com_proximabeta_NIKKE” “(target)”

6) You’re done!

Dear Commanders,

The PC version is launched!
Accounts, servers, and game content are synced between the PC and the mobile version, so you’ll be able to experience the world of NIKKE anytime on any device.
Commanders can download the PC Launcher from the official website and experience the gameplay on PC. For more information regarding the PC version, please see the below FAQ.

1. Quick start to PC experience

When will the PC version be launched?
The PC client is available for download on February 15! The servers for the PC and mobile versions are synced. After the update on February 15th, you will be able to start the experience on the PC version!

Where can I download NIKKE’s PC version?
Visit the official home page or download page on a PC, and click the [Windows] or [Free Download] button to download the Miniloader. Then, choose an installation path with sufficient storage space to install, and you’ll be able to start the NIKKE PC version once the installation completes.
Download link:https://nikke-en.com/download.html

What are the computer requirements for NIKKE’s PC version?
If your device does not meet the minimum requirements, then you may not be able to launch the game or are likely to experience issues such as crashes and lagging. To ensure an enjoyable experience, NIKKE’s device requirements are as follows:

[Minimum Requirements]
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
DirectX: Version 11
Minimum Storage Space: 10 GB
(Actual requirements are lower than the above, but you may experience lag or other issues at lower configurations)

[Recommended Requirements]
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER / GTX 1650
DirectX: Version 11
Recommended Storage Space: 20 GB

How can I register for an account and log in?
You can register with an email account or through the following 5 third-party accounts: Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Line. There are a total of 6 login options, but visitor login is not allowed on the PC version.

Are accounts synced between platforms? Can I play NIKKE on other platforms?
Character information is fully synced between platforms, and your characters, progress, resources, and purchases on any platform is shared between all platforms, which also means that you can play with PC, iOS, and Android players on the same server. (However, character information will not be shared between servers.)
If you wish to login to and use an existing account to play on PC, please ensure that you select to login through the same method, account and server.

2. PC features and differences with the mobile version

What differences are there between the PC and the mobile version?
With the PC version, you’ll be able to enjoy an immersive combat experience through a larger screen, allowing you to dive deeper into the world of NIKKE! The keyboard and mouse combination also allows for a more accurate shooting experience. Meanwhile, as game content and data are synced between PC and mobile, you’ll be able to access the world of NIKKE anytime and anywhere using different platforms!

What are the game system languages and voice languages supported by the PC version?
The PC version is the same as the mobile version and the current system language supports English, Japanese, Korean, German, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. At the same time, the voice language supports English, Japanese, and Korean. You can select Account > Language Settings in the upper right corner of the game launcher to switch the system language and Settings > Sound to switch the voice language.

What resolution does the PC version support?
You can select the screen resolution through Settings > Graphics in the upper right corner of the game. Currently, it supports window display and full-screen display, and the window resolution ratio supports both landscape and portrait mode but not manual settings. However, we plan to implement this feature in the future, so stay tuned for the latest official updates!

What are the controls on the PC version like?
The PC hotkeys are currently:
QWERT: To toggle between the NIKKEs
Key 1/2/3: To unleash Burst skills
At the moment, hotkeys cannot be manually configured and joysticks are not supported. Please stay tuned for the latest official updates about hotkey modifications and more hotkey usages.

3. Download/Login/Installation Issues

I’m having trouble downloading the game.
Please try the following troubleshooting steps:
1. Restart your device.
2. Make sure that your network connection is working properly.
3. Free up your computer’s memory and make sure you have enough free storage space on your device.
4. Reinstall the game (please ensure that your email/Twitter/Facebook/Apple/Google/Line account has been bound to the game beforehand, otherwise your characters will be lost).
If the above steps doesn’t help, please contact the customer service with a screenshot of the error displayed during your download.

What should I do if my antivirus software stops the game from downloading/installing?
If you’ve downloaded the Miniloader from the official site, we recommend that you allow it when prompted by your anti-virus software, or that you whitelist the game with your anti-virus software.

After starting the game, the system shows that there isn’t enough storage space to download additional resources or indicates an error. What should I do?
The error message usually occurs when your device doesn’t have enough storage space for the game. So, please make sure that your device has the required storage space to meet the official requirements. If there isn’t enough space, you may need to free up some to download the necessary resources.

I can’t log in to the game and I keep getting a login failure or other error message.
If you fail to log in to the game, please try the following:
1. Restart your device or close all processes.
2. Try switching to a different network connection and wait for a few minutes before trying again.
3. Clear your device’s memory.
If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

The game keeps asking me to redownload after the update.
If you’re unable to install the game even after downloading it several times, we recommend that you try the following steps:
1. Make sure that your device has enough storage space: Go to the path where the game is installed on your computer and make sure that the hard drive storage space meets the minimum requirement for NIKKE’s PC version. After that, clear unnecessary softwares, images, and videos to free up more space.
2. Reinstall (Note: Please ensure that your account has been bound to an email account or a third-party platform before reinstalling, otherwise your characters will be lost).) by deleting the Miniloader and redownloading.
Other than the steps mentioned above, you can also try the following:
3. Check your network connection. If the network signal is poor, the download may fail.

What should I do if the game fails to install?
If you encounter an installation failure, please refer to the following steps:
1. Make sure that your computer has more than 10 GB of storage space. Insufficient storage space may cause the installation to fail.
2. If your computer has enough storage space, then delete the local installation package and redownload it to see if the installation is successful.
If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

What should I do if the game crashes?
The game usually crashes due to memory issues or other issues, and you can try the following steps:
1. Log out of your account, clear your computer’s memory after you’ve fully logged out of the game, then log back in.
2. Uninstall any unnecessary softwares on your computer to free up more memory space.
If the above attempts fail to resolve your issue, please contact us with detailed information and we’ll inform our technical department to verify and fix them as soon as possible.

I can’t access the store / I’m unable to view item prices.
Due to network delays, in-game store item prices may not be displayed. So, when this type of issue occurs, please try checking your network connection, restart the game, or click Refresh.
Note: Please make sure that the game is downloaded from the official site.

What should I do if I can’t log in to the client?
If you’re unable to log in after an update/maintenance, please try the following steps:
1. Please make sure that your network connection is working, restart your computer and check if an update is available, load all content, and try entering the game again.
2. If you’re still unable to log in after checking your network connection and updating the game, then please visit the official site or the game community to see if there has been an error or update announcement.

Can I log in to the same game account through different logins?
Yes. A single-game account supports logging in through multiple means. You can bind your email account to any of the supported third-party accounts (including Twitter/Facebook/Apple/Google/LINE) that have not been bound to the game.

How do I change my game account?
The steps are as follows:
1. Please ensure that your current game account has been bound to your email account or third party account such as Twitter/Facebook/Apple/Google/LINE to avoid losing any data.
2. Click Switch Account in the upper right corner of the launcher to return to the login interface.
3. Once the game login page is loaded, please log in with a new email account on your computer or select a third party account (Twitter/Facebook/Apple/Google/LINE).

How do I delete my account?
Click Account > Delete Account in the game, then select Delete Account from the list to complete the process. Note: Deleting your account will wipe out all character data and info linked to the account, so please exercise caution when doing so.

4. Payment Issues

What payment methods does the PC version support?
The PC version supports support payment by credit card, major payment platforms in each region (such as PayPal, Razer Gold, etc.), and more. With subsequent version updates, more local payment platforms in each region will be supported.

Is payment synced between the PC version and the mobile version?
Both the mobile version and the PC version of the same account are synced in-game. Although there are differences in payment methods and currencies between the mobile and the PC version, items purchased in the in-game store are exactly the same.

What currency does the PC version support?
Local currency payments are not currently available in all regions. As of now, the mobile version only supports two payment currencies: USD and JPY, while the PC version supports a total of 7 payment currencies: USD, JPY, KRW, THB, EUR, TWD, and HKD. For new currency payments, do stay tuned for more official updates!
Note: Payments can still be made without your local currency, and the price in your local currency will be calculated according to real-time exchange rates.

5. What should I do if there are bugs?

What should I do if I receive a message that my payment failed when I purchase an in-game item?
This could mean that some form of fraud was detected on the credit card used in the payment. Below are some possible options if this occurs:
1. Try making the payment again.
2. Contact your credit card company to resolve the issue.
3. Contact our Customer Service team.

What should I do if my game lags?
Make sure your device meets the system requirements and is running the game with appropriate compatibility settings. Select a region close to or which corresponds to the country you live in and use a smooth network connection. If you still encounter lags in the game, you can lower the game’s graphics through Settings > Graphics in the game’s upper right corner button to reduce such incidences.

What should I do if my game keeps crashing?
Crashes may result from using a device below the system requirements, so please contact our Customer Service with details regarding your issue and we’ll continue to work on further optimizing the game.

If I encounter other issues, how do I go about getting help to resolve them?
You can check whether you’ve encountered related issues through Account > Customer Service Center in the game or through Customer Service Feedback in the upper right corner of the launcher.

PC Client Download | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)


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