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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (1)

by: Gerhild Fulson / Cookbook Author, Blogger, German Oma!

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ThisHazelnut Torte Recipe, akaHaselnusstorte,was one of my Mutti's favorite. Special, yet very easy to make. We all loved it, especially when it had marzipan frosting. Then "special" became "extra special."

Shown here, I made it as just a "plain" cake that's served with whipped cream on the side. I used a 9-inch springform pan for this cake, so it's not as high. If you plan to fill it (as shown below), then use an 8-inch pan. :)

German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (4)

Absolutely delicious! Or, cover it with a chocolate glaze. Or, fill it with whipped cream. Or,cover it with marzipanlike my Mutti did. So many possibilities. It's aHaselnusstortethat will become your special cake recipe as well because it's so easy.

This cake has no butter, no oil, and very little flour.The resulting cake is very light, yet very delicious. The main ingredient? Hazelnuts. (Check out my Hazelnut Macaroons to learn how to skin and grind your whole hazelnuts.)

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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (5)

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More tips ...

To make it extra special for Christmas or birthdays, fill with the "custard" filling and cover with marzipan as shown in the photos below. "Heavenly!"

If you do plan to fill it, let it cool thoroughly - even overnight. This could just become your best cake recipe. Why? Because it's really quite easy to make and so delicious.

This Hazelnut Cake recipe was one Mutti often made for guests. Easy German recipes were among her specially noted recipes in her own handwritten cookbook. She was a busy lady, but took extra care to have everything extra special when company came.

Oma says,

Because shelled nuts were so expensive, Mutti would often buy them in the shell in bulk. Then my sisters and I would sit there for what seemed like hours and shell them.

Mutti would grind then them in her old coffee grinder. This German hazelnut cake was the stunning result.

Ready to make this Hazelnut Torte?

Is the recipe below locked?Here'swhy.

German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (9)

German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte

This Hazelnut Torte Recipe, akaHaselnusstorte, was one of my Mutti's favorite. Special, yet very easy to make. We all loved it, especially when it was covered with marzipan.

Or, covered with a chocolate glaze. Or, filled with whipped cream. Then "special" became "extra special."

Prep Time

40 minutes

Bake Time

40 minutes

Total Time

80 minutes



  • 5 large eggs, separated
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup ground hazelnuts
  • 3 tablespoons flour, all-purpose
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract

Custard Filling (optional)

  • 2 tablespoonscornstarch
  • 2 tablespoonsgranulated sugar
  • ⅔ cup milk
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Marzipan Topping (optional)

  • 7 ounces almond paste
  • 1 cup powdered sugar, sifted
  • 3 - 5 tablespoonslemon juice
  • nuts and/or whipped cream to decorate



  1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Grease and flour an 8-inch springform pan. See hints below.
  3. Beat egg yolks and sugar in large mixer bowl until pale and creamy.
  4. Fold in hazelnuts, flour, and almond extract.
  5. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into egg yolk mixture.
  6. Spread batter gently in prepared pan.
  7. Bake about 40 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool thoroughly, if filling. If not, cake can be served warm.


  1. Blend cornstarch, sugar, a little milk and egg yolks. Bring remaining milk to boil. Stir hot milk and vanilla into cornstarch mixture.
  2. Return to heat and bring back to boil. Cook a few seconds, stirring constantly, until thickened.
  3. Cool, stirring frequently.

To Assemble Torte

  1. Cut cake into 2 layers.
  2. Spread 1 layer with filling.
  3. Top with second layer.
  4. Knead almond paste to soften. On a surface sprinkled with icing sugar, roll out almond paste to a round large enough to cover top and sides of cake (about 14-inch diameter)
  5. Press onto cake.
  6. Blend powdered sugar with enough lemon juice to give a coating consistency.
  7. Spread over cake and decorate as shown.


  • To decorate the torte with whipped cream rosettes as shown above, ½ cup heavy (whipping) cream plus 2 teaspoons powdered sugar were whipped and piped onto the cake.
  • Use roasted almonds or walnuts to decorate.
  • If filling the cake, then using an 8-inch springform pan is best. That will give a thicker layer to divide. If serving as a plain cake, you can use a 9-inch springform pan, as shown above.

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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (14)

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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (15)

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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (21)

German Hazelnut Torte Recipe made Just like Oma

By Oma Gerhild Fulson

German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (22)

This German Hazelnut Torte recipe was one of my Mutt's favorite. Special, yet very easy to make. We all loved it, especially with marzipan frosting. Then special became extra special.

Ingredients: hazelnuts,eggs,sugar,flour,almond extract,

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"The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted."

Proverbs 10:24 (NLT)

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German Hazelnut Torte Recipe – Mutti's Haselnusstorte (2024)


What are the different types of kuchen? ›

Kuchen is kind of like a fruit pie or tart. Everyone has their preference and kuchen comes in a wide variety of flavors using fruits like apple, prunes, apricot, peach, rhubarb, and even more exotic things like chocolate chips.

What is the most popular German cake? ›

Black Forest Cake is perhaps Germany's most well-known and most-loved cake. It consists of a chocolate cake with a filling of fresh cream and cherries soaked in Kirschwasser—a clear cherry schnapps—and decorated with cream, chocolate shavings, and cherries.

What is the number one dessert in Germany? ›

The Apfelstrudel is the most popular pastry in Germany. Germans often top Apfelstrudel with vanilla cream and whipped cream. What is Germany's most famous dessert? Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is Germany's most famous dessert.

What is the difference between Kuchen and Torte in German? ›

However, the word "cake" covers both Kuchen and Torte, sometimes confused with one another, the key difference being that a Torte is a Kuchen that is decorated or layered with cream, frosting, ganache, or fruit based filling after baking. A Kuchen is typically less decorative or fancy in nature.

What is the main food of Germany? ›

Of all these regional and national dishes, Germany is most famous for Currywurst, sausages, pretzels and Black Forest Gateau, but as you can see, there is plenty more to German cuisine than just these.

What kind of cake do they eat in Germany? ›

Some of the most popular German cakes are: Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) - This cake is made with layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherries, and is flavored with kirsch (cherry brandy). It has a rich, chocolatey flavor with a hint of cherry and a creamy texture.

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Baumkuchen is not only the king of cakes but also the cake of kings. In 1843, King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia (see photo) visited the town of Salzwedel in Germany, which is famous for Baumkuchen.

What desserts is Germany famous for? ›

German desserts
SpritzkuchenA fried pastry similar to doughnuts
StollenA fruit cake containing dried fruit and often marzipan and covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar.
StreuselA crumbly topping of flour, butter, and sugar
StreuselkuchenA yeast dough covered with streusel.
57 more rows

What is the famous dish of German bakery? ›

Brezel (soft pretzel)

The Brezel, soft pretzel, takes its stand, A twisted dough, a treasure to behold, A snack beloved throughout the German land.


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