Arena (PvP) Overview - June 2024 | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)

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  • Rookie Arena
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  • SP Arena
    • Hourly Reward
    • Season End Rewards
  • Arena Shop

In Goddess of Victory: Nikke, you can PvP battle with other Commanders via the Arena mode, located in the Ark. This is a general guide on the different Arena modes and their rewards.

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Rookie Arena

The Rookie Arena is unlocked after clearing chapter 3-16 from normal Campaign.

Arena (PvP) Overview - June 2024 | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (1)

Rookie Arena is a game mode where you can challenge other people from your mini-server to earn arena points and arena tickets. The arena points determine your ranking in the server, while the arena tickets are currency that you can spend in the Arena shop.

You need both an attack team and a defence team to participate. Your team’s equipment and cubes do not save, meaning that, for example, if you put a Laplace on your defence team, and then you remove her cube in a different mode, your Laplace in the defence team will also lose the cube, so keep that in mind.

You can attack up to 3 times per day for free, which can increase up to 5 free attacks per day from Infrastructure Core upgrades (you get one extra attempt at Stage 6, and another one at Stage 11). Additionally, you can purchase extra attempts as chips for 100 gems per chip. Chips do not expire, so they don’t have to be used within the day you purchased them.

The opponents that you’ll be able to battle against depend on your arena points. You can also refresh the opponent list for free, so you can refresh as many times as you want. If there are no available opponents you’ll be paired against bots or random opponents. Whenever you attack someone or someone attacks you, you earn or lose points depending on the result of the battle and the difference in arena points (you won’t lose many points if you lose against someone much higher than you, and you’ll earn a lot of points if you win against that same opponent).

A Rookie Arena season lasts for 14 days, 13 of those days you can attack, the 14th day Rookie Arena is closed, they distribute the season rewards and they also reshuffle the servers every few months.


RankingDaily Arena Exchange VoucherSeason Arena Exchange Voucher

SP Arena

Special Arena (or SP Arena) is unlocked after clearing chapter 11-13 of Normal Campaign. SP Arena merges 10 mini-servers, one of them being a bot server.

Arena (PvP) Overview - June 2024 | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2)

SP Arena works similar to Rookie Arena, with a couple of differences:

  • Instead of using 1 attack team and 1 defence team, you’ll have to use 3 attack teams and 3 defence teams, and a player will win an attack if at least 2 out of their 3 teams win.
  • You can only attack people who are higher rank than you (up to 3 divisions higher than you). If you beat someone, you’ll swap ranks with that player.
  • You only get 2 free attacks per day, and can still buy chips for 100 gems each for extra attempts.
  • The ranking system works differently: Depending on your current ranking, you’ll generate a certain amount of both arena tickets and SP Arena points every hour that you’ll have to claim by clicking on Muscat. Your “season ranking” will be determined by the amount of SP Arena points you have. You can only store 24 hours of arena tickets if you don’t claim them, but you’ll always generate SP Arena points with no cap, and Muscat will get automatically claimed at the end of the season.
  • This game mode awards both arena tickets and gems depending on your “season ranking” at the end of the season (more info about rewards on the “Reward” section below).
  • An SP Arena season lasts for 14 days, same structure as Rookie Arena, but SP Arena seasons start halfway through the Rookie Arena season, so whenever Rookie Arena season ends, SP Arena season will still have about a week left until the end of the season.

Hourly Reward

Hourly reward can be obtained by tapping Muscat.

TierSP Points Hourly GenerationArena Tickets Hourly Generation
Challenger 1600430
Challenger 2595429
Challenger 3590428
Challenger 4585427
Challenger 5580426
Challenger 6575425
Challenger 7570424
Challenger 8565423
Challenger 9560422
Challenger 10555421
Diamond 1525420
Diamond 2495418
Diamond 3465417
Diamond 4435416
Diamond 5405415
Diamond 6375414
Diamond 7345413
Diamond 8315412
Diamond 9285411
Diamond 10255410
Platinum 1225409
Platinum 2205408
Platinum 3185407
Gold 1165406
Gold 2145404
Gold 3125403
Silver 1105402
Silver 285401
Silver 365400
Bronze 145399
Bronze 225398

Season End Rewards

Season rewards will be sent according to the amount of points accumulated.

RankingSeason End Rewards (Gems)

Arena Shop

Arena (PvP) Overview - June 2024 | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (3)

You can use Arena Exchange Voucher to purchase items.

Code Manuals and the Code Manual Selection Box are the recommended purchases.

Do NOT buy equipment, as the equipment that’s available in the shop is not good and too expensive to be used as experience fodder!

Arena (PvP) Overview - June 2024 | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)


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